Turbo-Kleen™ A/C System Flush


TurboKleen™ is a chemical cleaner for HVAC/R systems, to clean refrigeration line sets when installing new compressors after burnouts, or when converting to R-410A refrigerant. US patent No 8,298,345 & 8,734,589

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Turbo-Kleen A/C System Flush gives contractors a quiker and less expensive way to completely clean residual oil and contaminants from A/C line sets when doind R-410 retrofits, refrigerant conversions and compressor change-outs.

Unique chemical cleaning agents in Turbo-Kleen flow through an innovative patented injection nozzle that creates a turbulent action that chemically cleans and mechanically scrubs A/C and refrigerant lines. This scrubbing action remains active all the way through the lines, from the inlet to the outlet side.

The Turbo-Kleen Starter Kit includes a reusable injector nozzle and canister, plus a flushing tool, a clear plastic connecting line, and one pint of chemical solution. The chemical solution is sold separately in pint and gallon sizes.

You save money by reusing the nozzle and canister and only purchasing the solution for future jobs.

Download Guides and Manuals in PDF format:
  • Removes oil, sludge, carbon, and other deposits found inside A/C & Refrigeration line sets
  • Unique combination of chemical cleaning and scrubbing
  • Stays active during the entire cleaning process
  • Low toxicity
  • Cost effective, reusable system; only buy refills for future jobs